New SPIE Digital Library Features

The new SPIE Digital Library website is here. The new site has been redesigned and re-engineered internally by SPIE to create an improved user experience and add additional features. Work to further improve the website and add additional features that users have requested is ongoing. We hope you like what you see and welcome your comments.

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Here are some of the key new and improved SPIE Digital Library features:


  • User Guide: We created this User Guide that explains new features and will help you to better navigate the new Digital Library.

  • Introductory Video: View a short video describing new features and navigation.

  • Why: SPIE's large collection of conference proceedings gives us a unique mix of content and a need to better connect our content and conferences. This change also enables SPIE to provide unique features and be even more responsive to user suggestions and new ideas.

  • Built In-House: The new SPIE Digital Library is being built in-house by internal staff, allowing for greater flexibility, responsiveness, and a site that will better house SPIE's unique content and better serve our community.

  • Look and Feel: The new site features a refreshed look and will offer enhanced functionality and improved user experience. At the same time, it follows the same navigational structure as the current Digital Library, so you should feel at home with the new site. Development of additional features and refinements will continue long past the official launch.

  • Expanded Taxonomy: Our taxonomy of 4,000+ terms will power related content recommendations and improved search to return the most relevant results.

  • Presentation Recordings: Presentation recordings from SPIE conferences are featured on a Conference Presentations page, are more easily identified while browsing, and may be filtered using the search filter option.

  • More Full-Text HTML: Proceedings papers dating back to 2014 will now display full-text HTML. All SPIE Field Guide and Spotlight eBooks will also be displayed in HTML format in addition to the currently available PDF download.

  • Personalization Tools: Creating a free personal account allows you to save citations to a personal library and sign up for different types of email alerts.

  • Mobile and Off-Site Access: The mobile version of the site will give a much improved user experience. In addition, after creating and signing into a free personal account while on your organization's network, users at subscribing organizations will be affiliated with the organization's subscription and will have full off-site access.

  • Personal Subscription Access: There is nothing researchers with personal subscriptions will need to do to continue to use their personal subscriptions. All passwords, saved articles, and unused downloads will be carried forward to the new site.

Questions? Need assistance?

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